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I have refered to "photo: henrik" as my superhero alterego, since more people knows me by that alias than by my real name.

At the moment there are 10995 pictures from 650 concerts on the site.

Oldest published pictures are from 1992, but it was 2000 I started doing this a little more frequent. Most pictures until mid 2005 are taken with film and are scanned. There are a lot of pictures from this period I have never scanned. Next project is to scan and re-scan all my negatives. It will be a lot of work and I am procrastinating a lot.

I probably should update the site to something a little more modern looking. During spring 2024 I actually did some changes to the site, but it still looks basically the same. As a visitor, the main additions are different ways to sort the menu based on festivals, clubs, venues and years.

If you have any information about a concert I am missing, please contact me. I try to keep track on date, location, stage, club/organiser/promotor and if the concert was part of a festival.

All the pictures on this site are copyrighted by me, Henrik Dahlberg, and the pictures can not be used in any way without my permission.

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